Business Services

Business Services from The Workforce Connection and the Northern Illinois Workforce Alliance



The Workforce Connection hosts periodic Job Fairs and participates in other events to promote your job openings. We can also host an event at one of our locations or at a larger public venue to specifically highlight your hiring needs.      In addition, The Workforce Connection Hot Job listing is updated on our website at weekly (or more frequently, if necessary) to provide jobseekers with the latest job opportunities—free of charge to employers.   

 Other services can include the placement of advertising and press releases in the local media to assist your recruitment efforts.



Illinois JobLink (at ) is the state of Illinois’ no-cost Internet-based job matching system, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Employers have several options on their level of disclosure of company information.  Access to the system can be staff-assisted or self-service.   Jobseekers are encouraged to open accounts and post resumes.


We are also able to list your job opening or hiring event on the Illinois web portal, a user-friendly site that provides career, education and other information for both jobseekers and businesses.



Workforce and labor market information, including wage data and demographics, is available from the IDES Labor Market Analyst located at The Workforce Connection office in Rockford.   


We also have special representatives linking veterans to jobs and training programs.




The Workforce Connection is a WorkKeys testing center.These assessments, developed by ACT, have been in use for nearly two decades and are already widely accepted by thousands of companies all over the world.Successful completion of tests in math, reading and locating information results in the award of a National Career Readiness Certificate.The tests are available at a nominal costto employers.


  • The Workforce Connection has space available for interviews, testing or other assessments.  Our staff can also assist with testing and other assessments and screenings.




If an employer is willing to train a new full-time employee on the job, financial incentives may be available to off-set a portion of the individual’s wages during the training period. 

Talk to us, first, though. The OJT agreement must be signed and on file before the new hire starts to work.



Customized Training is designed to meet the special requirements of an employer or employers and is conducted with a commitment by the employer to employ an individual on successful completion of training.  The program includes WIA funding to cover up to 50% of the cost of training.  Through a training contact, the employer is able to select individuals to be included in the program, based on interviews and the company’s existing policies.

 Members of our Business Team can also connect you to the Employer Training Investment Program.  ETIP can reimburse companies up to fifty percent of approved training costs. 


When you have entry level jobs to fill, think about our WEX program.

It’s a win-win situation! We have participants who need work experience, and you have entry level jobs to fill. Our WEX program can work for you!

Why WEX?

• We pay the participant’s wages, FICA, and workers’ compensation.
• Participants work part-time (maximum 30 hours per week) for a period of up to 360 hours.
• We pre-screens participants prior to placing then in the WEX program to make sure they can perform the job.


The mission of the Northern Illinois Workforce Alliance is to create a competitive, skilled and educated workforce by providing a system for the citizens of Boone, Winnebago and Stephenson Counties to gain meaningful employment responsive to the needs of business. 

 The Workforce Connection is a partnership of state and federally funded employment and training programs, economic development agencies and educational entities committed to providing a workforce that meets the needs of our business community, now and in the future.

 The Illinois workNet Centers in Rockford and Belvidere provide one contact for employers to find workers and for job-seekers to receive training, education and employment services.

For more information on how The Workforce Connection can assist your business with its hiring and training needs, at little or no cost,  contact our Business Team at 395-6608.