Alejandra and Becky, TWC Career Planner

Over the past 17+ months of the pandemic, one thing has been made evidently clear to workforce development experts: the increasing divide between those with digital literacy and access, and those without. Technological access is no longer a luxury; having access to the internet is a necessity for many job applications and educational endeavors.

The Workforce Connection (TWC) recognized this large gap in our region’s community and set out to find a solution. With generous support from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL), TWC was able to acquire a number of Chromebooks to provide to enrolled participants in the workforce system, giving them equitable opportunities for success.

One of those participants, Alejandra, was looking for resources to further her education and came to The Workforce Connection where she heard about our programs and funding for her education. After enrolling, Alejandra met with her career planner, Becky (pictured, right), who went through the process with her. While she was excited about school, Alejandra had an obstacle to get through, as she did not have a computer and she was worried about researching and doing school work on her phone.

Utilizing the Chromebooks TWC had purchased for enrolled participants through the CNFIL grant, we were able to help bypass this complication by providing Alejandra with a Chromebook and helping her learn how to use it.

Becky showed Alejandra how to utilize the features on the Chromebook, giving Alejandra the necessary tools to identify additional professional development by attending a Financial Empowerment online workshop and enrolling in Microsoft Online classes. Providing her with the access to success, Alejandra states she is, “so excited and thankful!!!”.


If you would like to learn more about The Workforce Connection’s programs, contact us for more information via or by calling 815-847-7574.

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