The Workforce Connection Funding Supports Developing Talent for AAR

TWC is thrilled at the prospect of workforce growth at AAR and the workforce system we provide will continue to work tirelessly to connect individuals with the necessary training/education for regional workforce needs.

National Welding Month: Interview with Greg Harle, UA Local 23

In honor of National Welding Month, we connected with Greg Harle, Training Director of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 23, and one of our excellent Board of Directors members, to interview him on the work of welding and why individuals should get connected with this career pathway.

Women’s History Month: Workforce Pay Equity Gaps

The Coronavirus pandemic’s disproportionate economic toll on women, most notably women of color, will have economic ramifications for years— compounding the inequities of the existing gender wage gap. Since the start of the pandemic, more women than men have lost jobs, largely because so many women work in industries that have shrunk in 2020, such as the restaurant, retail, hotel and travel sectors.

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