Workforce Wisdom is a podcast brought to you by The Workforce Connection Board. In every episode, Dr. Lisa M. Bly-Jones interviews leaders and professionals across the workforce, informing your path to career success.

In this episode, Lisa Bly-Jones, Ed.D. speaks with Sharon Bush, the Executive Director of Grand Victoria Foundation, only the second person to lead the Foundation in its 20-year industry. She has over 20 years of nonprofit and business experience.

As proponents of equality and equity with experience professionally and personally, Dr. Bly-Jones and Bush heavily focus on equity in the workplace, the progress that’s been made and how there is still much work to be done. 

Sharon is a recognized leader in the field who strongly values the economic and social contributions of the nonprofit sector. Throughout her career she has worked to ensure that the sector is strong, equitable, sustainable and highly capable of serving individuals and families throughout the Chicago region. She has launched, led and participated in innovative collaborations that have resulted in thousands of people securing employment and millions of dollars to support the regional workforce system.

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