Workforce Wisdom is a podcast brought to you by The Workforce Connection Board. In every episode, Dr. Lisa M. Bly-Jones interviews leaders and professionals across the workforce, informing your path to career success. In this episode, Dr. Bly-Jones is speaking with Alba Aranda-Suh. Ms. Aranda-Suh leads the National Latino Education Institute (formerly Spanish Coalition for Jobs, Inc.) as its Executive Director since 2008. The National Latino Education Institute (NLEI) is a nonprofit and nationally accredited. The organization started in the mid-60s and incorporated in Chicago in 1972. NLEI’s mission is to advance our community’s economic independence through market and results-driven education, training, employment and advocacy.

NLEI has served generations of Latino families enabling economic empowerment through comprehensive industry-driven education, career placement and supportive services. NLEI offers a variety of high quality services designed to meet the varying needs of the adult learner and workforce. NLEI’s competitive workforce education include industries such as healthcare and energy. The services are holistic in nature as the staples include building participant capacity in financial literacy, technology and wellness.

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