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The basic purpose of this position is to supervise and coordinate the activities of the store room workers and assign duties to workers so that the stock room is run efficiently and effectively; to supervise receiving activities; to create requisitions in accordance with reorder briefs; to maintain the store room organization and cleanliness through 5S and lean practices.


The basic purpose of this position is also to maintain the integrity of the preventive maintenance data system (MP2), organize and schedule preventive maintenance requirements, work with area supervisors and coordinators to ensure communication of requirements, update the data system with job status in a timely fashion.

Principal Accountabilities
Supervise store room processes and attendant activities
Continual improvement of store room procedures, including receiving.
Create requisitions in accordance with re-order briefs.
Maintain a clean, organized storeroom.
Maintain the MP2 database integrity.
Create preventive maintenance schedules based on the statistical data.
Communicate PM requirements to Area leaders and maintenance supervisors and coordinators.
Implement 5S and lean workplace practices.
Schedule work force in accordance with production requirements.
Administer automated time and attendance system for assigned employees.
Ensure workforce has proper tools to safely, effectively and efficiently perform tasks.
Administer Collective Bargaining Agreement in accordance with company philosophies, policies, procedures and systems; apply knowledge and skills gained through supervisory training.
Ensure workforce compliance with Safety and Housekeeping policies and procedures through training, auditing and enforcement.
Ensure workforce compliance with Environmental and Health policies and procedures through training, auditing and enforcement.
Administer HR policies and procedures in a timely, consistent and appropriate manner.
Identify continual improvement and advanced (lean) manufacturing projects and drive results.
Drive self development so as to ever improve knowledge, skills and ability.
Required Skills, Education, and Experience
Some post High School education
Minimum of five years supervisory experience or relevant experience in a manufacturing environment
Comprehensive knowledge of Store Room processes and Preventive Maintenance systems, tools and procedures.
Knowledge of lean manufacturing methodology and implementation.
Applied ability in statistical data analysis.
Able to effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing
Demonstrated use of analytical tools and techniques
Proficient with MP2, PC applications, preferably Microsoft (word processor, spreadsheets)

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