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(Drone Technician) Solar Site Surveyor - Contractor

Ensite is looking for highly motivated and reliable individuals to perform site surveys on residential properties. As a site surveyor, your primary responsibility will be to gather information and data through on-site photo taking in order to report your findings to Ensite for review and compiling. Quality of survey is important, but providing a quick, effective, and professional service while at a customer’s property is paramount.


● Take photos of the required portions of the home, roof, and property as directed by our proprietary mobile survey application.
● Collect data and information on various site conditions including structure, roof, electrical, and spatial constraints.
● Report your findings accurately and in a timely manner through our application to Ensite and its quality review team.
● Ensure all safety protocols are followed during the survey process.
● Address customer questions/concerns and provide a quick professional experience for the homeowner.
● Provide recommendations and insights to Ensite based on your findings and observations.

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