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Job Summary
Central schedulers are responsible for scheduling outpatient, diagnostic imaging, cardiac and respiratory exams in pre-hospital setting.  Team members are also responsible for calling patients to remind them of their appointment, performing pre-registration and insurance verification as well as placing orders for the scheduled services.

A subset of the central scheduling team is also responsible for pre-processing physician office visits, performing pre-registration and insurance verification.

The physician referral line is also handled by the Central Scheduling Team.


Job Responsibilities
Other duties may be assigned.

Schedules outpatient testing for diagnostic tests in the hospital setting.

Provides patient with appointment instructions and appointment reminders.

Collaborates and communicates with the Per-Certification Team when tests are scheduled and require pre-certification.

Pre-registers next day patients over the phone to verify demographic information.

Verifies insurance eligibility.

Verifies orders have been received and that they match scheduled procedure.

Reviews electronic orders placed in the EMR.

Forwards information/request orders for same day add on to the appropriate department.

Interprets and enters handwritten orders into the EMR.

Aides patients in establishing with primary care provider at FHN.

Supports patients seeking same day appointments with FHN primary care provider.

Displays competency for the Central Scheduler role as evidenced in the annual performance appraisal following the Freeport Health Network PRIDE Standards.
Education:  Must have a high school diploma or equivalent with six to twelve months of field related experience or training.

Required Experience:

Knowledge of hospital information systems preferred. Must have knowledge of Medical Terminology.
Strong customer service experience.
Strong computer skills.

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