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RN-Ambulatory Office- Internal Medicine

Location:   FHN Family Healthcare-Burchard Hills, Freeport, IL

Position:   Full-time

Primary Hours: Hours vary between 7am-5pm

This position offers a $5,000 sign-on bonus with a 3 year commitment to FHN for a Registered Nurse not currently employed by FHN.

Job Summary: Delivers professional nursing care to patients and their families utilizing the nursing process in conjunction with evidence based practice, using a holistic approach. Displays a commitment to excellent customer service, critical thinking, technical and interpersonal skills to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Incorporates a positive team approach to serve as a liaison between physician office and other members of the healthcare team.


Job Responsibilities:

·         Focuses communications on patient/customer care, business operations, and/or topics to create a positive work environment.

·         Proactively works to identify and resolve patient concerns and refers to appropriate party, if necessary.

·      Conducts and documents nursing assessments of the patient using critical thinking skills and nursing judgement.

·         Implements the nursing plan through giving and delegating patient care. Prioritizes data collection activities based on the patient’s immediate condition or anticipated needs of the patient or situation.

·         Using telecommunication, is able to collect patient information using critical thinking skills to determine priority of call. Utilizes problem-solving skills and collaborates with other healthcare providers as needed to develop a plan of care with patient/caller.

·         Performs and maintains competency for all point of care clinical testing required for that department, including collection and processing of specimens.

·         Using nursing assessment and critical thinking skills, collaborates with provider in assisting with procedures and treatments, obtaining appropriate consent(s) as needed.

·         Determines educational needs of patient and/or caregiver, utilizes resources as appropriate, implements and evaluates retention of education, and documents accordingly.

·         Prepares and administers medications/treatments as ordered by the provider within scope of practice while following FHN policies and procedures and documents the same.

·         Monitors, maintains (checking for outdates), and orders adequate medication and supplies to deliver patient care as applicable.

·         Communicates diagnostic test results and provides education as needed to patients upon provider orders and documents the same.

·         Ensures appropriate techniques are utilized in cleaning equipment, work area and exam rooms. Uses proper processes for reporting malfunction of equipment and takes out of service as needed.

·         Documents all nursing interventions and patient responses to care.

·         Schedules testing for patients (labs, referrals, appointments), and provides appropriate patient education, ensures completion of appropriate paperwork, including but not limited to, waivers, pre certifications, referrals, and disability forms as applicable.

·         Continuously monitors office practice to identify opportunities for improving safety and quality of care.

·         Assists with the implementation of evidence-based improvements into nursing clinical, organizational and professional practice.

·         Collaborates with leadership to ensure adequate resources (staff, equipment, and supplies) are available to enhance the patient experience.

·         Displays a professional, positive attitude as the informal leader in the office practice.

·         Maintains neat appearance of work area, patient care area, and waiting area.

·         Provides age/culturally appropriate, evidence-based care.

·         Displays a competency for the Registered Nurse as evidenced in the annual performance appraisal utilizing the FHN PRIDE Standards.

·         Provides superior, individualized customer service for patients, families and other visitors.

·         Serves as a patient advocate, proactively working to identify and resolve patient concerns while practicing within FHN policies and procedures.

·         Understands and is able to perform functions related to computer programs, telecommunication equipment, and other technology.

·         Participates in activities to support FHN’s mission, goals and strategic plan.

·         Serves as a mentor or preceptor to coworkers while displaying a positive nursing image and promoting a positive educational experience.

·         Contributes to a positive, supportive, and healthy nursing work environment that is conducive to the education and professional growth of nursing staff and other healthcare providers.

·         Applies the professional codes of ethics that ensures individual rights in all areas of practice, preserving patients’ rights to confidentiality, privacy, and self-determination within legal, regulatory, and ethical parameters.

·         Other duties may be assigned.

Education:  Graduate of an accredited nursing program

Required Experience:   Must have ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast paced work environment. Must be flexible to the scheduling of work hours to meet the needs of the FHN which may include cross                   departmental functions.

Licensure/Certification/Registration:            Current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the state of Illinois.  BLS/AED certification required.

FHN Vision:   Healthcare Excellence for our Communities

FHN Mission:   FHN, together with those we serve, improves health and provides superior, quality healthcare services.  Respect, dignity and compassion guide our interactions, while leadership and wise stewardship of resources direct the process.

FHN Total Reward Philosophy:   At FHN, our diverse workforce is our competitive advantage.  Our Total Rewards Philosophy represents a broad spectrum of plans and programs designed to reward, recognize, motivate and develop staff members throughout their careers.  We believe in hiring and retaining the best. Having an excellent compensation package, including above-average base pay, merit increases, a professional nursing practice program, promotion increases, incentives, skill-based rewards, spot rewards, and financial and non-financial rewards, helps FHN recruit and retain the best.

FHN Total Rewards Benefit:   The benefits program offered by FHN is designed to support you through the key life events you may experience throughout your career. Our life cycle benefits program has been structured to offer you flexibility and help you meet your family’s changing needs.

Just as we count on you to help us fulfill our FHN mission and strive to reach our FHN PRIDE standards, you rely on us to provide you with a well-thought-out benefits program. You look to us for help in managing your healthcare, planning for your retirement, enjoying time off with your family, and in meeting the unforeseen costs of disability and death.

We are especially proud of our FHN benefits program because it offers a wider range of benefits – with more staff and family-friendly policies and programs – than most employers of our size, or in our area. The benefits program is designed to be flexible, with lots of choices to respond to your changing needs as you build your career with FHN.

FHN Compensation Program includes:

·         Base salary

·         Professional nursing practice program

·         Diversity education awards

·         Certification pay

·         Holiday premium pay

·         On-call pay

·         BSN Pay

·         Promotional increases

·         Merit increases

·         Market adjustments

·         Compensation range adjustments

·         Lump sum salary awards

·         Incentives

·         Registry exam compensation

·         Paternity or adoption assistance

·         Staff registry program

·         Shift differential

·         Float differential

·         Military duty compensation

·         Bereavement compensation

·         Jury duty compensation


Total Rewards Personal Development and Recognition:   At FHN, we believe in encouraging and developing our staff. We offer a wide variety of programs, both formal and informal, to help support ongoing individual pursuits and to recognize exceptional performance and jobs well done.

We recognize our staff through performance management, career development, training programs, work experience, service awards and recognition programs and encourage them to grow both personally and professionally.

Our Commitments and Beliefs

We strive to live our mission by our behavior. We translate each of the following commitments we make into beliefs about the way we work, interact with each other, and reach to exceed the expectation of our patients.

Our staff members also are a priority at FHN, as they are the key to providing quality healthcare for those we serve. We work hard to attract, develop and retain a talented and dedicated workforce. In return for your dedication, FHN is committed to providing an outstanding place to work, unlimited opportunities for you, and the chance to work with excellent people who share your commitment to compassion and quality.


We trust and care about each individual and treat all people fairly and honestly. We listen and respond to each other.

Our actions are consistent with our words.

Respect, Dignity, Compassion

We treat individuals with respect, dignity and compassion by giving them responsibility, resources and support. In return, they give their best.


Our diverse workforce is our competitive advantage.

We invest in people, instill a shared vision and trust their capability and willingness to improve quality and strive for excellence.


We exceed our customers’ expectations through the strength of individual initiative and by people working together in teams.


People will excel in an organization that promotes innovation, risk-taking, continuous learning and recognition.

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