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QUALIFICATIONS:         High school diploma or GED
Post-secondary education/training preferred
Knowledge of and experience with community services and schools
Ability to work cooperatively with diverse groups
Possess valid Illinois Driver’s License
Ability to communicate effectively

COORDINATED BY:      Director of Equity
REPORTS TO:                  Building Principal
To improve student achievement by serving as a coordinator of resources for families of the 25 students on annual caseload in order to foster school success and parental involvement.
Performance Responsibilities:Serves as a resource to caseload  parents and students by linking services from health and social service agencies, counselors, and teachers;
Establishes linkages with community agencies;
Assists in the orientation and registration of students;
Conducts needs assessments with caseload families;
Assists caseload parents in interactions with schools;
Proposes and administers four-way contracts among school, caseload parent/guardian, community and caseload  student;
Provides caseload home visits as needed;
Makes contact with parents/guardians at least once a quarter to discuss student progress relative to goals set for monitored data points;
Assists in meeting district and state guidelines for student physicals and immunizations;
Nurtures positive relationships with staff, community, and students;
Monitors data points, interventions and goals for caseload students in a “data book”, related to attendance, tardies, discipline referrals, suspensions, achievement, extra-curricular participation and health status and submits a quarterly report to Building Principal and Director of Equity;
Conduct at least 3 parent educational meetings per year, including one covering the Second Step program;
Performs all other related duties as assigned.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:      200 days, 40 weeks.  Classified position with salary and hours to be established by the Board of Education.

EVALUATION:                                  Performance will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions established by the Board of Education.

SALARY RANGE:                            $15.00 per hour, with commensurate benefits.
This job description has been reviewed and is in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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