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We Care About Clean

Service Operator for the Rockford School District

Hours range from 1st shift, 2nd shift, and 3rd shift

Entry level position providing a care/cleaning facilities.  If you value pride and accomplishment for others being a cleaning professional and GSF-USA is for you.  Our duties include cleaning classrooms, bathrooms, and other spaces.  Operating the latest in floor scrubbing machinery.  We provide training at all levels and our motto is “We care about clean”.

While providing care to the facilities and supporting district staff we also maintain the sidewalks during winter snowfalls and operate snow blowers to aid in this task.  If our care hits the standard of service (being attentive, profession, kind, and accomplishing tasks) we provide incentives for great performance.  During all shifts we respond to radio calls for issues and maintain a positive attitude while performing all tasks.

If you feel like accomplishing a goal in life, being in the cleaning profession is for you.

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