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The purpose of a Medical Scribe at Oak Street Health is to support our primary care providers with clinical documentation so that they can focus on providing exceptional care to our patients. Scribes assist providers throughout the patient care journey — huddling each morning to plan for the day’s visits, joining them in the exam room to observe and document, and touching base after the visit to assist with next steps.


Beyond the typical Scribe role, these important care team members serve as clinical documentation assistants to their paired provider. Internally, we call them CISs (Clinic Informatics Specialists) in recognition of their important role in supporting accurate, specific, and timely clinical documentation. In addition to observing and documenting all patient encounters in real time, our Scribes become experts in our value-based care model and the documentation and care of chronic conditions, including ICD-10 and CPT coding. Scribes use this expertise to help providers identify and help close care gaps. Scribes receive extensive on-the-job training in clinical workflows, value-based medicine, preventative care for chronic conditions, accurate and specific documentation, population health data streams, and team based care.


Because our patients and providers rely on our Scribes, the ideal candidate should commit at least 1–2 years to this role. This is an excellent opportunity for pre-med track individuals looking to gain practical, paid experience in a clinical setting before applying to an MD/DO/PA/NP program, as well as those pursuing careers in Health Informatics, Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Medical Coding, and other related fields.


Documenting Patient Encounters ~ 80%

Joining the provider in the exam room to observe patient visits
Documenting patient encounters in a structured note, including the history of the present illness, assessment, plan, and physical exam
Assigning appropriate CPT and ICD-10 codes
Preparing After Visit Summaries
Consulting with provider to ensure accurate and specific documentation
Clinical Documentation Improvement ~ 10%

Requesting and reviewing medical records
Leveraging Oak Street’s population health tools to support clinical documentation improvement
Preparing for and supporting Daily Huddles and Clinical Documentation Reviews
Consulting with provider on clinical documentation opportunities
Administrative support for your provider and care team ~ 10%

Placing orders orders and referrals
Addressing tasks
Supporting the care team with additional responsibilities related to clinical documentation
Other duties as assigned
What we’re looking for


Knowledge of medical terminology and common medications, either from a pre-medical degree or prior clinical experience [required]
Prior clinical experience, including shadowing and/​or volunteering [strongly preferred]
Prior scribe or transcription experience [preferred but not required]

Advanced listening and communication skills [required]
Strong computer literacy and ability to learn new technical workflows [required]
Fluency in Spanish, Polish, Russian, or other languages spoken by people in the communities we serve [required where indicated]

Ability to adapt to new workflows and to quickly learn new concepts and skills [required]
Ability to type 70+ words per minute [strongly preferred]
Ability and willingness to take direction and be a member of a team providing patient care, including adapting to the provider’s working style [required]
Ability to be a self-starter within your role scope
Excellent job attendance including ability to work in-person in our clinics (Our providers count on you.) [required]
Ability to commit to at least 1 year in role (2+ is ideal) [required]
Ability to work approximately 40–45 hours per week during clinic hours (full time position) with predictable hours and break times [required]
Compliance with hospital and Oak Street Health policies, including HIPAA [required]
US work authorization [required]

We strive for team members who represent our service standards and are:

Someone who embodies being ​‘Oaky’

What Does Being ​“Oaky” Look Like?
Radiating positive energy
Assuming good intentions
Creating an unmatched patient experience
Driving clinical excellence
Taking ownership and delivering results
Being relentlessly determined
Why Oak Street Health?
Oak Street Health is on a mission to ​“Rebuild healthcare as it should be,” providing personalized primary care for older adults on Medicare, with the goal of keeping patients healthy and living life to the fullest. Our innovative care model is centered right in our patient’s communities, and focused on the quality of care over volume of services. We’re an organization on the move! With over 150 locations and an ambitious growth trajectory, Oak Street Health is attracting and cultivating team members who embody ​“Oaky” values and passion for our mission.

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