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If interested in working as a Personal Assistant (PA) and would like to be placed on RAMP’s PA list please read the guidelines below.

· This is not an application for employment.

· RAMP is not the employer. PA’s report to and work for the Consumer who are most often paid by the State of Illinois Department of Rehab Services (DRS). In some circumstances the consumer may be self-paying for services.

· All decisions to hire or terminate the services of a Personal Assistant / Individual Provider are made by the consumer and not the responsibility of RAMP.

· Bring a state ID or valid Driver’s License to orientation.

· Potential PA’s will be invited to a mandatory unpaid PA Orientation. Potential PA’s have two months to complete the PA/IP Orientation. After the above requirements are met, the PA’s name is added to the PA/IP Referral List.

· Wages for Personal Assistants/Individual Providers are paid through the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and/or the individual requiring assistance (the consumer), NOT RAMP.

· RAMP does not give PA’s a list of Consumers to call nor does RAMP find a job for the PA. RAMP simply places the PA’s name on a referral list that is given to active RAMP consumers who are looking for PA’s. Consumers decide who to call.

To apply for this job please visit rampcil.org.