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Poplar Grove Aviation Education Association
Executive Director Job Description
Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive
Director is responsible for overall management and operation of
the Poplar Grove Aviation Education Association (PGAEA) building
and grounds as well as the management and successful operation
of the Poplar Grove Wings & Wheels Museum. The Executive Director is charged with
implementation of policies set by the Board of Directors, Annual Goals and Action Plans, Protection
of the organization’s Financial Assets, Financial Management and Stability, Quality Standards in
Mission-based Activities, Human Resources, Customer Service, Marketing, and Public Relations.
Reporting directly to the President and Officers of the Board of Directors of the Poplar Grove
Aviation Education Association (PGAEA), the Executive Director is responsible for providing
leadership in the areas of preservation, communication, education and operations of the Poplar
Grove Aviation Education Association for the heritage of the transportation industry.
Primary Responsibilities include Leadership, Financial Management, Facilities & Operations,
Museum Management Systems, Communication, Public Relations, Marketing Event Management,
and Personnel.
• Provide leadership and management for Staff and Customers. Develop strong working
relationships with Directors of the Board and officers.
• Facilitate communication, cooperation and building a cohesive work environment within all
areas of the organization.
• Responsible for administration of the overall operation of the organization to produce
positive measurable results and return for investment.
• With the Board of Directors, develop and implement short-and long-range plans, and an
annual work plan with accountable actions. Plan, implement, and be responsible for
development strategies including strategic initiatives related to facilities, operations,
outreach, marketing, education, asset management, maintenance, membership, and other
special projects.
• Ensure compliance with all licenses and documentation for the PGAEA’s 501c3 status and
other legal requirements for operations.
• Identify areas of need for support from volunteer resources, educational resources, and
professional development opportunities for staff and Board.
• Participate development strategy sessions and conferences to improve local, regional,
national and international recognition and support of the organization’s strategic initiatives.
Drafted September 27, 2021
Financial Management
• Serve as the Chief Operating Officer for the PGAEA and maintain dedicated focus on
transactions to grow, strengthen and diversify the operating budget.
• Oversee all financial and accounting functions including those necessary for timely monthly
reports i.e., payroll, budgeting, financial analysis, capital asset, and property management in
accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, Board policies, and other
applicable nonprofit rules and guidelines.
• Make financial recommendations to develop and administer the annual plan and budgeting
process with Board of Directors.
• Responsible for overseeing grants, procurement, and vendor contracts including timetables
and results.
• Ensure that all deposits and financial activities for the organization are tracked and
dispersed according to schedule.
• Manage all grant writing, donor communications, gift/grant management, and evaluation
activities in a timely manner. Build relationships with current donors and seek new
Facilities & Operations
• Oversee building operations including the presentation equipment, computer systems,
building security systems, maintenance and cleanliness, and safe use of the facility. Ensure
that premises are clean and parking lot operations serve public operations and private
rentals. Update, as needed, exterior signage. Prioritize and recommend future building
• Responsible for ensuring appropriate staff is in place during any/all hours of operations
with support from the Director of Operations
Museum Management
• Responsible for oversight of PGAEA artifacts, acquired objects, collections, and organization
thereof, relevant to the PGAEA mission.
• Plan, organize, interpret and present exhibitions, lectures, tours and outreach programs.
• In conjunction with Museum staff, oversee the recruitment, training, and coordination of
Museum volunteers.
Communication, Public Relations, Marketing and Event Management
• Serve as key spokesperson for the organization in briefings to all media outlets.
• Serve as the central point of contact between government, industry partners and potential
• Build relationships with community partners; participate in events and organizations to
attract members, sponsorships, and participation that will enhance engagement in the
• Ensure that all relevant rental literature and website is current.
• Responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies and results;
maintain accurate and effective online and print marketing tools.
Drafted September 27, 2021
• Work with staff to meet goals set for rental program revenue and growth. Oversee policies
and procedures to ensure successful contract execution and maximum profitability.
• Represent the Museum in its business relationship with the community and partners.
• Embody strong interpersonal skills including experience in public speaking and the ability to
build relationships with businesses, non-profit organizations, and other relevant
organizations such as contacts in the event and business meeting fields.
• Supervise and lead the team of employees. Responsibilities include oversight of all
employees including hiring, training, and evaluating employees; assigning and directing of
work; mentoring, rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and
resolving problems.
• In coordination with the Board of Directors, ensure benefits, performance reviews, salary
increases within the budget, and staff development to assure high levels of expertise and
• Establish and implement consistent reporting to Board of Directors and Stakeholders to
ensure that common concerns and impact are addressed.
• Oversee and provide staff support for all regularly scheduled and ad hoc organizational
meetings and events.
• Ensure smooth internal operations with staff via various internal systems.
Education/Experience Preferences:
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university in a closely related field.
• Strong written and oral communication skills with an emphasis on public speaking.
• Proven ability to build and maintain solid business relationships.
• Extensive experience with and knowledge of resources for business development.
This position requires an outstanding leader with exceptional communication skills,
excellent fundraising skills, a strong public presence, and enthusiasm for making the case for
the PGAEA to a variety of donors and partners. This individual must have the ability to work
with the Board to create and carry out a unified vision for what the Museum can and should
do. The ability to articulate a vision must be combined with the drive to achieve results.
The director must effectively build relationships across a broad spectrum of
personalities. Ideally, he or she will have at least four years of progressively responsible
related experience in a leadership or management role at a non-profit organization.
Candidates who have not led an organization but can demonstrate the above skills and a
high potential to grow into this profile will also be considered.
Success in this role requires moving the organization ahead while preserving those
cultural qualities from which the organization has derived its success. The ideal candidate is
a hands-on leader and motivator committed to fostering a positive and forward-thinking

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