Kierson came to The Workforce Connection after learning that he qualified for the Trade program after being dislocated from Chrysler. He demonstrated determination and resilience in seeking out opportunities. Despite initial apprehensions about returning to school after many years, Kierson recognized the importance of furthering his education for the sake of his family’s future.

With the support of his Career Planner, Kierson made the decision to enroll in the Welding program at Rockford Career College. His dedication paid off as he successfully completed the program in 8 months, earning his Diploma in Welding. Shortly after graduating, he secured a position at Hennig Inc. as a Welder, where he is not only utilizing his new skills but also enjoying his work.

The stability provided by his new job, including a livable wage and health insurance benefits, is invaluable to Kierson and his daughter, especially considering her special needs. He stated “without the opportunity of this program, there was not an option for me to go to school. I would have had to just find another job, now I have something to build from.”

When asked if he wanted to share anything else about his success and the program, he said that he “highly recommends the program to anyone eligible and that they would be a fool not to take advantage of it!”.

 His story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, demonstrating the potential for growth and achievement with determination and support. Congratulations, Kierson, on your achievements! Your perseverance and dedication are admirable and we look forward to seeing you continue to succeed in your career!