Workforce Wisdom is a podcast brought to you by The Workforce Connection Board. In every episode, Dr. Lisa M. Bly-Jones interviews leaders and professionals across the workforce, informing your path to career success. In this week’s episode, Dr. Bly-Jones is interviewing Scott Bloomquist, the Regional Superintendent for Boone and Winnebago counties in Illinois. Scott has over 20 years leadership experience and began his leadership development in college when he founded and served as President of the the local chapter of FCA at Concordia University in St. Paul Minnesota.

During Scott’s internship and full time work with Youth for Christ, he was exposed to working with at risk youth and the world of fundraising. He started his own youth outreach organization (The Lighthouse) because of a need for youth mentoring he saw in his community. As Scott continued to grow in leadership and recognizing the power of influence with youth, he entered the field of education.

Scott used the leadership principles he learned to grow from a part-time bus driver to Superintendent in 13 years. He has coached football and wrestling, helping several athletes become collegiate athletes at the Division I and other levels. 

Scott holds a BA in Psychology, MS in Educational Leadership, and an Ed.S in Educational Leadership. As he continues to study leadership and is a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker, and Presenter. Scott has had the opportunity to speak all over the nation from Minnesota to Florida and internationally in Papua New Guinea.

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