In honor of Black Business Month and Workforce Development Month, The Workforce Connection decided to promote black-owned businesses in our region by connecting with them for a short interview. Munchies Cereal & Shake Bar and OMS Photography 815 are owned by Jahari Allen and were established in 2021 and 2018, respectively. 

What is Munchies and OMS Photography 815?

Established in 2021, Munchies is unique – being a cereal bar/snack bar. We offer food options, Instagram-worthy milkshakes, and also much more family fun.

OMS Photography 815 was established in 2018 and it is the first black-owned photo studio in Freeport. We are unique because we offer in-studio, events, family, corporate and many other types of shoot options.

What is your favorite part of being a business owner?

Being in control of my own success.

How did you get on this career path?

I worked in many different corporate settings and knowing my skill set value, using experiences, writing a vision and making it plain!

What or who was your biggest support or resource?

God! My family and my clients are my biggest support.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Write the vision! Make it plain! Ask God to show your purpose to do what you care. And trust God to do what you can.

To learn more about Munchies, visit or OMS Photography 815, visit or call 815-291-6217.

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