June 5, 2024 – A press conference was held for the official signing of a new apprenticeship in Rockford, Illinois at Tad More Tailoring and Alterations. As a result of the extensive collaborative efforts between Tad More Tailoring and Alterations, The Workforce Connection, Inc., the United States Department of Labor, and local and State elected officials, we are pleased to announce that a new Industrial Sewing Apprenticeship has been approved by the US Department of Labor.
“This apprenticeship, the first of its kind in this field, will offer many individuals a life changing opportunity” said Dr. Gina Caronna, Executive Director, The Workforce Connection.
“I’m proud to support Tad More Tailoring in the creation of a new sewing apprenticeship program. Sewing is a critical skill that improves focus and concentration, as well as teaches the importance of patience and self-control. Participants will learn life-long skills and sustainable practices during this job training program.” said City of Rockford Mayor, Thomas McNamara.
“As the son of a master tailor and a small business owner, I spent more than 20 years working in the family tailoring business, learning not only skills of the trade, but also the importance of providing quality customer service,” said Winnebago County Board Chairman Joseph Chiarelli. “We are proud to support the Tad More Sustainability Institute Apprenticeship Program to encourage economic development in our community, promote job growth and pass on the art of tailoring.”
“By championing immigrant integration, fostering a positive work ethic, and prioritizing inclusivity, Tad More Tailoring embodies the essence of community empowerment and cultural enrichment. Our commitment to nurturing a diverse and talented workforce while upholding the principles of sustainable fashion underscores our unwavering dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world.” said Sarene Alsharif of Tad More Tailoring and Alterations
Thank you to everyone who attended to celebrate and to all of the speakers at the event. #workforcedevelopment #apprenticeship #jobs #rockford