The Workforce Connection's Executive Director, Dr. Gina Caronna, was interviewed by Eyewitness News on March 21, 2024.

The Workforce Connection’s Executive Director, Dr. Gina Caronna, shared a presentation about our Business Services at the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce’s “The Update” on March 21st. When interviewed by Eyewitness News, Dr. Caronna stated “Any opportunity that The Workforce Connection can have to get the word out into the community of what we can do to assist with talent pipeline development, workforce development, anything in the space of really upskilling talent and getting really good talent to stay in the region and come to the region.”

Dr. Caronna’s statement underscores the commitment of The Workforce Connection to fostering talent development and retention within the region. The emphasis on upskilling talent and attracting skilled individuals to the region reflects a proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs of businesses.

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Thumbnail photo of video where The Workforce Connection's Executive DIrector is being interviewed after giving a presentation in Rockford IL.