The Workforce Connection has two customers: employers and individuals. When it comes to individuals, our goal is to ensure that regardless of any and all barriers, they have access to training, skills, and education that will enhance their ability to be hired by employers in our region.

Sandrine is enrolled in The Workforce Connection Adult program and needed a refresher on her interview skills. Her Career Planner, Alex, recommended that she attend #Ready, a one-day, four hour employment readiness workshop offered by The Workforce Connection. The program provides a refresher on soft skills, how to talk to an employer, and essential customer service skills.

Sandrine took the course and by the end, completed her Customer Services credential through the NRF Foundation, an industry-recognized credential in Customer Service that she can add it to her resume. She also stated that the class and earning the credential boosted her confidence while making her more marketable in the workforce.

We are so proud of Sandrine’s success and the investment she has made in herself!

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