The Workforce Connection Freedom of Information Policy/Procedures

It is the policy of The Workforce Connection Board to comply with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA- 5 ILCS 140) and the City of Rockford’s Policy for Implementation of the Freedom of Information Act.

All requests to inspect, copy or certify public records must be submitted in writing, either in person, by mail, email or fax. All requests must include the name and address of the person submitting the request.

The Workforce Connection shall comply or deny pursuant to statutory provisions and will respond to each properly submitted request as required by state statute and federal law, generally within five (5) working days. TWC will respond within 21 business days to requests for information made for commercial purposes (as defined by the Freedom of Information Act.)

The Workforce Connection can only provide documents and other public records that it has in its possession.

It is the policy of The Workforce Connection to charge 15 cents per page to cover copying costs (there is no copying charge for 50 pages or less) and charge for reimbursement of mailing and shipping expenses. Costs must be reimbursed before copying and shipping.

FOI requests should be submitted to:

Board Liaison and WIOA Compliance Manager at The Workforce Connection 303 N. Main Street Rockford, IL 61101

Any decision to deny information will be forwarded for review by the Public Access Counselor of the Office of Illinois Attorney General.