Photo of staff member Kelly introducing a story about how Kelly went above and beyond in helping a customer. Kelly is standing in front of a The Workforce Connection sign and has light hair, is wearing a red shirt with a white cardigan sweater.

The Workforce Connection recognizes staff member, Kelly, for going above and beyond.

Our staff is incredible and we know it – but we love receiving your feedback on how amazing our team is. We recently received this compliment from one of Kelly’s customers and if you know Kelly, you know that she goes above and beyond for every single participant.

The customer stated, “I didn’t go into this program expecting anything other than a job…What I received was support. I received coaching and training. We often have work related questions that we may not want to ask the company (She answered those questions). We have circumstances that pop up not work-related and she took time to answer those questions and reassure me. She went above and beyond to assist me.
She went on to say, “To Kelly – Words cannot express how much you have helped me on my journey. You have no idea of the kind words you said to me that will forever be in my heart. You have helped me find my WHY. I don’t know what the name of your Superpower is, but you matched me with a job that made sense and I have spent 14 weeks happy, excited even, to wake up for work… As for any success that awaits me in the future, I would like to thank you for it. Thank you for what you do and what you have personally done for me.”
We are so grateful to have Kelly on our team! Amazing job Kelly!