The Workforce Connection is proud to work with Greenlink Energy Solutions, Inc. to rebuild our region’s workforce and give people a career pathway with solid, marketable skills. 

Eric was unemployed due to COVID-19, and now he is certified to install solar panels and is helping design energy efficient systems. “My happiness has increased by 10…I’m in a perfect job for my skills.”  Eric recommends the services of The Workforce Connection — “It can change your life and it’s totally free to see if you’re qualified.”  

Olivia was a college graduate who, like many, was having difficulty finding a career in her field.  She had been waitressing and substitute teaching until The Workforce Connection connected her with Greenlink. Now, Olivia is training to be an HR manager/administrative assistant. “I’m valued at my job and I’m able to implement all my skills and abilities. The Workforce Connection can link you with something that’s perfect for you. I feel so at home at Greenlink and I wouldn’t have found them if it wasn’t for Ernie at The Workforce Connection.”