Family Counseling Services (FCS) was in need of an additional receptionist for the afternoon and evening hours and The Workforce Connection was able to assist, while providing valuable training to an individual.

Megan is a participant in The Workforce Connection’s Elevate Program and eager to learn new skills for her career. She worked with our Business Services Team, who connected Megan with FCS. Megan worked diligently to get up to speed on all of the details necessary to greet and check-in clients and visitors at FCS, respond to a wide variety of incoming phone calls, as well as calling clients to confirm, schedule, and reschedule appointments, and collect necessary information from them. 

As the demand for services continued to increase, and FCS embarked on an expansion project to double the capacity of the organization by adding both office space and staff, the need for additional hours and greater capabilities of the receptionist staff grew too.  Since Megan demonstrated her ability to learn the basics of the job, and her time in the Work Experience program was winding down, it made sense to transition her to a full-time medical receptionist position utilizing The Workforce Connection’s On-the-Job Training (OJT) program. 

Lynn Momberger, Executive Director of Family Counseling Services, and Megan, participant of The Workforce Connection

Megan is now hired on full-time and learning the different software programs used for both client billing and accounting, the intricate details and terminology of medical billing and health insurance processing, customer service skills, records and documentation, and developing her communication skills with clients, therapists, and colleagues. 

Lynn Momberger, Executive Director of FCS, states that, “Megan has progressed nicely through The Workforce Connection’s programs and is doing a good job in her position with FCS. Tthese programs have allowed FCS to meet our need for an additional receptionist while providing an opportunity for an inexperienced person to develop skills and learn the job.  Plus, she’s learning the foundation of the mental health counseling profession – a professional interest and career pathway for Megan.  We hope to be able to continue to help Megan continue her education and pursue her career goals.  Since The Workforce Connection programs subsidize all or part of the person’s wages, the decision to participate made good economic sense for FCS too.  All around, the work experience and On-the-job training programs have been an ideal situation for both Megan and FCS”.

We are so proud to partner with a local non-profit business to allow them to achieve their necessary expansion, while connecting a career-seeker to an incredible career pathway opportunity!

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