Keyana’s Success Story

Keyana came to The Workforce Connection unsure about what she wanted to do in her career. She graduated from the Leadership Development Initiative and initially thought she wanted to set up a non-profit or a foundation to help people and small businesses. She enrolled with The Workforce Connection, and said it was life changing as she gained work experience with The Rockford Chamber of Commerce.

 Keyana realized this is exactly what she wanted to do and they have been doing it for over 100 years! She said, “I was the person who only focused on the guarantees, so I never applied for the promotion, marketed myself or even talked myself up. My Business Service Specialist at The Workforce Connection found me a great position and always encouraged me to shine. To have someone who believes in you and endorses your qualifications, it gave me the confidence to thrive!”

 It’s wonderful to hear about Keyana’s positive experience with The Workforce Connection and her journey in discovering her career path. The Workforce Connection aims to provide valuable resources and support to individuals like Keyana, helping them explore different opportunities and gain work experience. It’s great to know that Keyana found her passion in working with The Rockford Chamber of Commerce and that she received encouragement and guidance from her Business Service Specialist. Building confidence and having someone believe in your abilities can indeed be empowering. Congratulations to Keyana on her achievements, and we wish her continued success in her career!