Initiatives and Updates from Dr. Lisa Bly-Jones, Executive Director of The Workforce Connection Board

  • The Workforce Connection is the lead applicant for the Kellogg Racial Equity 2030 Grant, a community collaborative project in the works with a goal of a $20 million budget over 9 years to address racial equity. Dr. Bly-Jones calls this a “bold, game-changing concept to advance racial equity.”
  • Dr. Bly-Jones was recently interviewed for a study being conducted by the National Association of Workforce Boards to understand the implications of adopting explicit policies and practices that promote racial equity within the workforce development system.
  • The Federal Government has set precedent on combating race and sex stereotyping regarding diversity training against systemic racism. What does this mean? Federally-funded organizations and programs are no longer restricted or limited in their use of dollars to address diversity and combat systemic racism.
  • Scheduled three Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Employer Forums at no-cost.
While we advocate for additional workforce development federal dollars, it is also critical we obtain non-federal dollars in order to address all workforce development needs outside of WIOA restrictions, including diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What the Donations are Used For

The Workforce Connection, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) designated organization providing a fully integrated and accessible workforce development system that balances the needs of individuals and businesses to ensure our region has a skilled workforce to effectively compete in the global economy.

Although we receive federal dollars in the form of a grant, these dollars come with eligibility restrictions and other limitations. In order for us to fully address the workforce needs, for both people and employers, The Workforce Connection needs non-restricted donated dollars. 

Examples of latest initiatives that use non-federal funds: Providing Chromebooks to over 60 participants to continue their education and training; Designating three separate workshops for workplace diversity and inclusion to educate and assist employers with diversifying their workforce and creating a more inclusive workplace.

With your help, we can further our mission of assisting our business community and each individual in need of a sustainable career.

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