Employer & Public Engagement Committee – The Employer & Public Engagement Committee, working in collaboration and partnership with area business groups and economic development entities, develops and implements strategies to increase employer engagement in the workforce development system and increases the visibility of services in The Workforce Connection partnership network.  The Committee provides oversight and guidance for the Business Services Team, evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of business services under Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  The Committee oversees an annual implementation of communication and community outreach plan.  Members of this Committee include Board members and other community stakeholders and business representatives.

Executive Committee – The Executive Committee provides guidance and oversight to the other Committees.  In conjunction with the Chief Elected Officials, the Executive Committee identifies community workforce issues and prioritizes issues for strategy development and action.  This Committee identifies and implements Board member training opportunities and determines the overall direction of the organization.  This Committee is responsible for Personnel/Human Resources functions in accordance with established policies.  Members of this Committee includes Officers, the immediate past chair, and Chairs of standing committees.

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee provides oversight of budget development and monitors expenditures.  The committee also provides guidance for the development and maintenance of The Workforce Connection, Inc. as a viable non-profit corporation.  The Finance Committee is chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer and is comprised of Board members.

Human Resource Ad-Hoc Committee – The Human Resource Committee provides assistance to the Board and management in development and oversight of compensation and human resource strategies and policies. The Human Resource Committee is chaired by a Board member who is an HR Executive and is comprised of other Board members.

Operations Management Council – The Operations Management Council will focus on the local service delivery system.   This Council will develop and implement strategies to create a coordinated and integrated workforce development system with all partner programs to serve the diverse populations that reflect our current and future workforce.   The Council oversees the One-Stop Operator and Operations.  The Council is comprised of Board members and representatives of all One-Stop Partner Programs.

Pathways to Careers – The Pathways to Careers Committee uses labor market information to link training programs with job opportunities that are in demand for regional employers.  The Committee approves eligible training provider selection and evaluation.  All training programs are required to lead to employment in high growth/high demand occupations on career pathways that provide self-sustainable wages.

Performance & Accountability Ad-Hoc Committee – The Performance & Accountability Committee will identify accountability metrics for measuring workforce development efforts of The Workforce Connection network and Core partner programs.  The Committee is comprised of Board members and other community stakeholders.

Youth Council – The Youth Council develops and oversees strategies to connect education and career opportunities for youth and young adults.  This Council will also provide oversight for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and other funded programming, which includes the selection and evaluation of youth service providers and the coordination of youth services.   This Council is comprised of board members, school district representatives, career and technical education program representatives, and community stakeholders with expertise and experience related to youth services.