2017-2019      IL Northern Stateline Regional and Local Workforce Plan

The Workforce Connection Board Operating Policies

2016-100-01   Conflict of Interest 
2016-100-02   Human Resources, Personnel and Payroll
2016-100-03   Travel
2016-100-04   Costs Associated with Meetings, Conferences
2016-100-06   Fiscal
2016-100-08   Procurement
2016-100-10   Payment of Profit Under Contracts with For-Profit Organizations
2019-200-03   Freedom of Information

Program-Specific Policies
2016-200-01   Grievance and Complaint
2017-200-02   Equal Opportunity  
2016-200-04   Communications and Branding
2016-200-06   Selective Service
2016-200-07   Personally Identifiable Information
2016-400-01   Eligibility
2016-400-03   Medical Data
2016-400-04   Supportive Service
2018-400-05   Adult-DW Follow Up
2016-400-07   Needs Related Payments
2016-400-08   Youth Follow Up
2016-500-01   Work-Based Training
2016-500-02   Incumbent Worker
2016-500-03   Individual Training Account
2016-500-04   Eligible Training Providers     

Current Guidelines
2020 Revised Income Guidelines for Determining Low Income Status for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Eligibility
2020 Revised Poverty Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Needs-Related Payments
Demand Occupations Training List (DOTL)

Equal Opportunity
Methods of Administration