The Workforce Connection Board

Current Guidelines

Reference Number
Revision Date
WIOA NOTICE NO. 20-NOT-05 Income Guidelines for Determining Low Income Status for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Eligibility 04/13/2022
WIOA NOTICE NO. 20-NOT-06 Poverty Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Needs-Related Payments 04/13/2022


The Workforce Connection Board Operating Policies

Reference Number
Revision Date
2016-100-01 Conflict of Interest/Ethics 12/07/2021
2016-100-02 Human Resources, Personnel and Payroll 08/03/2021
2016-100-03 Travel 10/02/2018
2016-100-04 Costs Associated with Meetings, Conferences 05/01/2017
2016-100-06 Fiscal 10/02/2018
2016-100-08 Procurement  05/27/2021
2016-100-10 Payment of Profit Under Contracts with For-Profit Organizations 05/01/2017
2019-200-03 Freedom of Information 12/03/2019
Whistleblower/Fraud Policy 12/07/2021
2017-200-02 Equal Opportunity Policy 12/07/2021

Program-Specific Policies

Reference Number
Revision Date
2016-200-01 Grievance and Complaint 12/03/2019
2016-200-04 Communications and Branding 12/03/2019
2016-200-06 Selective Service 05/01/2017
2016-200-07 Personally Identifiable Information 09/2021
2016-400-01 Eligibility 06/05/2018
2016-400-03 Medical Data 05/2017
2016-400-04 Supportive Service 04/03/2018
2018-400-05 Adult-DW Follow Up 10/02/2018
2016-400-07 Needs Related Payments 05/01/2017
2016-400-08 Youth Follow Up 05/01/2017
2016-500-01 Work-Based Training 06/04/2019
2016-500-02 Incumbent Worker 03/01/2019
2016-500-03 Individual Training Account 04/03/2018
2016-500-04 Eligible Training Providers 02/2019


Additional Resources

Demand Occupations Training List (DOTL)

Equal Opportunity

Methods of Administration

For general inquiries, please contact the main desk at 815-847-7574
Freedom of Information requests, details here


Calendar of Events

Career Assistance Application

Receive Education and/or Training Assistance

Community Impact
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The Workforce Connection– an Illinois WorkNet Center and partner in the American Job Center network. This program is funded by The Workforce Connection, Inc., Il Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, and the U.S. Department of Labor. The Workforce Connection is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. All voice telephone numbers on this website may be reached by persons using TTY/TDD equipment by calling TTY (800) 526-0844 or 711. Contact the Equal Opportunity Officer at 815-395-6626. This program is subject to the provisions of the “Jobs for Veteran’s Act” Public Law 107-288, which provides priority of services to veterans and spouses of certain veterans. To view additional information related to the U.S. Department of Labor funding of this program, please visit

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