Kimberly struggled to find employment despite applying for numerous positions. With the support of The Workforce Connection, she secured a position at the local library, which has been a dream of hers. Kimberly expressed her gratitude, saying, “I came to The Workforce Connection at a low point in my life. My Business Services Career Planner was such a positive person and showed how much she truly cares about the people she serves. Not only was I given a fresh outlook, but I was also able to find a job I always wanted to do. If I had any advice for someone looking for employment, I would tell them to connect with The Workforce Connection. Thank you to The Workforce Connection for giving me a chance and providing me with this opportunity.”

 It’s heartening to hear about her positive experience with The Workforce Connection and the support she received from her Business Services Career Planner. Kimberly’s advice to others seeking employment to connect with The Workforce Connection underscores the valuable resources and guidance we provide to our customers. Way to go Kimberly!