Halle recently completed her paid Internship Work Experience at Keller Williams Reality with the Fidelity Real Estate Group. Halle is a Senior at Harlem High School and will be graduating in June 2024. Halle received the opportunity to enroll in The Workforce Connection’s Elevate Program through Harlem and was paired with an employer in an Internship in the field of study she was interested in learning more about and possibly starting a career in.

 Halle has always been interested in the real estate field and prior to starting her internship, she enrolled in classes to start the process of getting her real estate license. While at Keller Williams, Halle was given the opportunity to learn various tasks related to real estate by shadowing accomplished Buyer’s Agents at numerous open houses and meeting with investors. 

 Halle’s supervisor stated she recently had a conversation with Halle to gauge her preferences and aspirations for the internship, and that it was wonderful to see her so engaged and wanting to gain a deeper insight into her future career. 

 Halle stated, “The Workforce Connection’s Elevate Internship Program through Harlem was an amazing experience for me. It provided me opportunities that got me a step closer to achieving my future goals”. Halle did such a great job she was hired at Keller Williams Reality/Fidelity Real Estate Group!