Work Experience is a planned structured learning experience that takes in a workplace and provides youth with opportunities for career exploration and skill development.

Ebony came into the Career Center with a friend who wanted to know more about the programs offered at The Workforce Connection. A few days later, she called and set up an appointment to gain an opportunity through the Work Experience program. Ebony entered the KEYS program through Goodwill E-Commerce which she completed successfully and received very good evaluations!

Ebony wanted to continue her Work Experience opportunity and complete her hours, so she was placed at K-FACT and she was inspired! She was successful and continues to grow. She has signed into an education program with Canyon University and is going to study Criminal Justice; it has become important in her life to help others.

Ebony has a more positive outlook and realizes she can do whatever she sets her mind to accomplish!  She said The Workforce Connection is a great place to start making changes, overcome barriers, and she feels this was an opportunity to get involved, learn new skill sets, and help her find herself!